T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi

T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi
in the future we will think about this blog.

Thank you and see you in the other Blog.


Perf09 - Performancefestival Pori

It has been an interesting weekend with different emotions and artistic views.
The first time of the festival has been at 21.5.2005 and it has found the way to the happenig of last weekend 2009.
The performancefestival has been now for the 5th time and we hope to see you in the future again participants, audience and everybody who has helped us.

So, T.E.H.D.A.S.ry wants to thank all participants of Perf09.

T.E.H.D.A.S.ry sanoo: Ota rennosti!

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