T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi

T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi
in the future we will think about this blog.

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Lauantaina 2.10 klo.18.00 
3h+K galleriassa Saksalainen taiteen moniottelija Johnny Amore esittää
kokoamansa kansainvälisen videokatselmuksen THE SECRET PEARLS OF...

Luvassa muutakin ohjelmaa illan mittaan!

THE SECRET PEARLS OF... Videot ja taiteilijat:

Origins - David Blandy (GB) 5:53
A Matress in the Woods - Wayne Horse (GER/NL)-3:13min
Happy Horse 5 - Duro Toomato (NL)- 3:11min
Why don't you love me - Marta Moreno Muñoz (ESP), 1'49
Ilona - Nina Lassila (S), 2009/ 2'03
Vamping: Part1 by Zeffrey Throwell (USA),1'51
And the Demon said...remember, remember/ 1:18min -Tobias Yves Zintel (GER), 1'18
Extreme Sense of  Void  by Ulu Braun (GER) & Teuri Haarla (FIN), 2009/ 14’11  
Botanica by Daniel Urria (CHI/GER), 2005/ 4’48
Das Modell- Florian Gwinner (GER), 6:14min - 
Tino La Bamba (AU), 2009, 14'23
Performance - Adina & Arielle Bier (USA), 2010, 4'22
Pink elephant- Arifa Beiso (JOR/LEB), 2006/ 14'14
Timothee Ingen-Housz (GER), 2009, 3'00
My Expensive Baby by Romy & Maxim Northover (GB) 2009/ 2’00 
Woman of the World by Ane Lan (NO) /2008 /7’00  
Booking - Jeansgruppe (GER), 6'59
4th of Juplaya-Horsecow (USA), 2004/ 1'58

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