T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi

T.E.H.D.A.S. blog has moved to tehdasry.fi
in the future we will think about this blog.

Thank you and see you in the other Blog.


Rites de Passage

Rites de passage
Performances about the country of things.
The old systems do not carry any more, crumble... World views disintegrate.... We leave the shore, sit in the fool's ship and get in the stormy sea. Where does the drift go? When do we hear the call „land ahoy“? May the gull like the gull...!

Performance evening with:
Holger Dreissig & Johnny Amore
Freie Klasse München (Wolfgang Groh, Hermann Hiller, Ralf Homann, Wilhelm Koch, Gottfried WeberJobe)
Irene Pascual & Christiane Mudra

23th march 2011
Start: 8.30 pm
Import/Export, Goethestr.30, Munich/Germany

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